Adhesive Tapes Technical and Market Training

Smart Growth Adhesive Tapes Technical and Market Training is an exclusive 17+ hours and 435 slides of pure content specifically thought for the necessities of tape industry professionals!

Modules comprehend introduction, PSA triangle, adhesives, primer & release, backings, lab tests, single-sided tapes, double-sided tapes, life quality and negotiation basics.

It provides you top quality information, applied knowledge and fast learning on real cases and figures, exploring products, market and pricing topics. It’s designed for everyone inside the tape industry who has contact with customers (sales people, application engineers, customer service, marketing professionals, entry-level technical staff and newcomers to the tape industry).

This training will support you to enhance your performance, to achieve knowledge to analyze real situations and provide solutions, to make your daily work easier, to build up your confidence and skills and to give you immediate competitive advantage.

Adhesive Tapes Technical and Market Training  Adhesive Tapes Technical and Market Training

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