God´s Purpose in Tithes and Offerings

Dear reader, you will certainly travel in the Word of God on a biblical subject that has never been treated with the seriousness it deserves.
The preaching or lectures that are held on tithes and offerings are always aimed at obtaining better collections in the churches, but without informing people of the content, reasons and blessings of a life of fidelity “in tithes and offerings.”
The Pr Altemar Antônio Monteiro had the zeal to seek in the Holy Scriptures all the understanding and its applications in the different forms of offerings and in the fidelity of the tithe. This book has been elaborated very deeply, so that you, dear reader, will be the person who will most benefit from your reading.

God´s Purpose in Tithes and Offerings      God´s Purpose in Tithes and Offerings

God´s Purpose in Tithes and Offerings

Author: cursos

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